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Saving Money

Obviously thrift stores are cheaper than retail stores. You can buy twice or three times as many items at thrift stores than you can at run-of-the-mill retail stores. Or you can just apply the difference to other expenses, such as gas or groceries, or deposit it into a savings account or college fund.


Combine thrift store prices with coupons for an unbeatable deal. School coupon books and your local newspaper are two places to look for coupons. Have a cell phone? Some thrift stores now offer electronic coupons. Text a certain number, and they’ll respond with a coupon code. Senior and student discounts are common. Check with your favorite thrift stores to see if there are any discounts that you could be taking advantage of. You may have to shop on a certain day of the week to get your discount, but if it saves you cash, who cares?

Every thrift store has it’s own way of running sales – one store may discount items with a certain color tag, while another may offer a percentage of off a different department each day. Find out how sales are handled at the stores around you. Then, make the most of them. Look for large, unsorted containers of merchandise. They usually contain the who’s-it’s and what’s-it’s that no one could identify or knew how to price. If you find something that you need in one of these containers, you can bet it will be cheap. Goodwill maintains outlet stores around the country to sell off excess merchandise from their stores.

Hit one of these locations, and discover the thrill of buying your clothing and housewares by the pound! Thrift stores get flooded with donations from December through January as people rush to earn last-minute tax deductions and begin to work on their New Year’s resolutions. Shop in January, and you’re likely to be rewarded with bag sales and big store-wide savings. Think: 50% off everything.

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