Thrift Store & Express Printing
# 5 3305 Smith Drive
Call: 778 442 0019

One-Stop Shop

Although many retailers offer clothing for only one gender or age, or heavily favor one gender or age, thrift stores offer clothing for the entire family—usually sorted neatly by size, sometimes even by color.


All your favorite brands from other major retailers will be present without you having to go to multiple stores. And besides clothes, a variety of other items will please everyone in the household—from toys to electronics to accessories. Thrift stores typically restock way more often than traditional retailers. As donations are made, which happens on a daily basis at large thrift stores, the items are sorted, tagged and added to the existing stock as quickly as possible. Whereas a big-box retailer restocks items as they run out but doesn’t necessarily add anything different daily, thrift stores add new, different things all the time. You can literally visit the same store every day and see something you didn’t see the day before.

Our hand crafted showroom is completely unique to anything in the Spokane area. We realize that it’s not just about “saving money” but enjoying the process from start to finish, and we always make sure that the we listen to our customers needs and wants. This means you wont be disappointed in the goods we carry. If it doesn’t sell, or our feedback isn’t good on something, we wont continue reselling it.

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