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Designer Pieces

Thrift stores usually boast racks of designer clothes, just like department stores do, at a fraction of the cost. Some even sort the items out and hang them on a separate rack to make them easier to look through.


Of course the selection can’t compare to a store at the mall, but the extremely discounted prices make it easy to overlook the limited selection. Some thrift stores even host online counterparts to showcase their “best” items—talk about convenience! The influx of donations makes the turnover of inventory paramount. To keep things moving out the doors and the current inventory fresh, regular sales are practically mandatory.

Most thrift stores have daily, weekly and monthly sales. Student, military and senior citizen discounts are most likely offered on certain days of the week. Half-off sales of certain items or tag colors are offered at most thrift shops. Calendars are usually available in-store or online to help you learn your favorite thrift store’s sale schedule, which you should absolutely take advantage of for even more savings. They’ve withstood one person’s use already and still have resale value, which means they’re not like your typical H&M, Zara, or Forever21 cheap “fast fashion” shirts that stretch and lose their shape after a few washes.

We appreciate your donations of gently used clothing, furniture, books, household wares, and other items to our thrift shops. Proceeds from the sale of your donated items are reinvested into programs that help people and improve lives in our community. Unsold goods are donated to other local charities.

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